Notre-Dame des Cryptos



We are all deeply concerned about the historical loss of some parts of the iconic and world-famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

Notre-Dame des Cryptos is a community initiative to gather crypto funds to help to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris and show the positive social impact of the cryptocurrencies.

You can support this project by either sending cryptos to the multisig BTC or ETH wallet set up for the operation displayed below, or by simply following our Twitter account @DameCryptos.

Many people around the world want to fund the rebuild of Notre-Dame. Bitcoin is a global and universal cross-borders solutions, reliable against censorship. This makes BTC the ideal tool to raise fund for a global cause around the world.

For security and transparency, a multisignatures wallet has been created and secured by Le Cercle du Coin, the French global cryptocurrency association. The owners of the multi-parties wallet are the treasurer of LeCercleduCoin, Gregory Raymond and David Princay.

All the funds will be transferred in EUR on May 20th 2019 to one the official initiatives appointed by the French government to be in charge of the Notre-Dame de Paris restoration.

If you want to support this project with any crypto-currencies which is different from BTC or ETH, you can use the instant and anonymous web exchange ChangeNow. Just enter our Bitcoin/Ethereum address in the “Recipient Wallet” output field.

Bitcoin and co are great tools for sending peer-to-peer digital values around the world. On an other hand, the public tax collectors prefer much more local money than digital exotic money. If you really want the tax relief benefit with the donations in France, we advise you to make your donation directly in euros to one of the four foundations designated by the government through the web portal located there.

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